Winter Solstice, Sufi Dancing, and Brazilian Black Bean Soup

Winter Solstice, Sufi Dancing, and Brazilian Black Bean Soup

Brazilian Black Bean Soup, Image credit: Insta, HandmadeorganicbyTelah

I had a magical experience vending on the winter solstice last year.  A friend asked me to vend for her gathering – which was a ecstatic dance lab before hand and all night solstice party afterwards.  There was sufi dancing- which I had never actually done properly. The teacher was amazing, Juliette, and found myself tapping into a familiar place like I do with yoga.

I made a  variation of a stew from Brazil with black beans and coconut milk.  I served it with brown rice and a tomatillo cilantro sauce. I wanted something warming, earthy, vegan, sultry, and soulful.  This is a traditional styled dish- a one-pot meal…simple and nourishing- this can be replaced with yucca instead of sweet potato- and even can use white potato or white sweet potato.  The tomatillo sauce originates out of Mexico. What I loved about the co-creation of the evening was the synergy between soul and earth- how sufism is this very thing..there is a timeless quality to the dance and food.  

This type of recipe is older than 500 years and ancient, considered a healing recipe, and the ingredients hold sacred meaning by the indigenous people who ate them, states Nick Polizzi, arthur of ‘The Sacred Cookbook’.  Perfect example of food as medicine.

So now to the recipe….

I like to use organic always! Please read ‘my purpose blog’ to get the gist on that.  I get dried black bean and soak them overnight in filtered water. Next day boil them for about an hour.  In a separate pot put the onions, garlic, and chili powder, in virgin coconut oil and sautee–

Add around a quart of filtered water in after the onion mix sautees the flavor in the oil.  Add in the tubers or sweet potatoes. You want to boil then simmer for around 25 min. Add in the cooked black beans. You will add in salt slowly to adjust to taste.

Then add in the coconut milk. Cover and simmer until tubers are soft and then add greens- 5 min- then turn off and let stew.  Add the cilantro. Lime to taste. Adjust if you need to add more water if the soup is too thick.

In a side bowl, soak the pink rice. You will soak around 20 min.  Rinse and change water and boil and cover on low and let rice slowly cook around 20 min.- keeping an eye on it.  

Stew Recipe- 4 servings

2 and ½ cups of organic black turtle beans- dried and soaked

¾ cup onions- red or white

2 clove of garlic (optional)

2-3 large white sweet potatoes, yam, or yucca, optional orange sp

Collard greens- ½ bunch- around 2 big handfuls of leaves- destemmed and chopped

2 quarts to 2 ½ qt of filtered water

Coconut milk- can or fresh made mylk. I use fair trade organic canned coconut with no added sugar.

Coconut oil 1 tablespoon- 2.

Cilantro 1 cup

Lime juice

Celtic sea salt or himalayan pink salt- to taste

Black pepper

Chili powder, be creative use your favorite kind.

Pink madagascar rice or bhutanese rice- 2 and ½ cups

Tomatillo Sauce-

1 and ½ lbs of tomatillos

½ cup of cilantro

2 cloves of garlic

½ cup white onions or red

1 tablespoon of lime juice

Celtic sea salt, ¼ tea

Black pepper

2 deseeded serrano peppers

Blend in blender- adjust as needed. Use as a garnish for the stew and rice. Enjoy!

Handmade Organic By Telah is a plant-based food delivery service located in Bedsty Brooklyn.  I provide balanced vegan, gluten-free, and organic animal protein options to support overall health, detox, and healthy immune system functioning. My mission is to help guide client’s towards cleaner and more sustainable eating and living.  I carefully construct weekly meal plans for each individual client and do the shopping, cooking, and delivery. Private chef services are available too. This service is recommended for at least 3 months to meet health challenges. It is most effective as a lifestyle and regular way of eating. Meal plans are free of processed ingredients, GMOs, dairy, gluten, bad oils and salt, and excessive meat. As a client you will learn new ways to eat a plant-based diet which incorporates anti-inflammatory food and healing your microbiome.

Telah is a health-supportive chef and received her certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2004.  She is a Holistic Health Counselor and certified with The American Association of Drugless Practitioners  and has a CNHP certification. She also teaches Ashtanga Yoga for beginners at New Vibe Yoga in Manhattan. And received her yoga training with Richard Freeman and many long time Ashtanga Yoga teachers in NYC.  She works in the NYC area.

Sources: Polizzi, Nick, The Sacred Cookbook, p. 74


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