Working with Me-

You will benefit from healthy nutrient-dense foods that are plant-based, organic, and anti-inflammatory. Some people need to cut down and transition off of excess animal proteins and others may need more. Over all meal plans are structured to balance out your system and add more plant-based foods to your body. Feel free to inquire to my email is the best way to reach me. Contact me here to talk about your needs.


How it works:

– Weekly personalized menu planning, shopping, cooking for your customized health plan
– Food Delivery or in-home cooking
– Private parties
– Cooking classes(group and private)
– Nutritional guidance


Weekly Meal Plans:

– Lunchbox plan – 5 dishes with 2 servings in each (suitable for light eaters)
– Lunch and Dinner – 7 dishes with 2-3 servings in each


Sample Plant-based Menus:

Vegan Menus-

  • Pumpkinseed Pesto Kale and Sweet Potato Salad
  • Kale, red cabbage,shredded carrot, mung bean sprouts and ginger miso vinaigrette
  • Arugula and romaine salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, corn, herbed vinaigrette
  • Shepherds Pie with lentil sunflower seeds crust, mashed kabocha squash, and greens
  • Roasted Tempeh with sauted red cabbage, carrots, broccoli, over quinoa and tahini sauce
  • Black Bean Enchilada Pie with greens, cauliflower and a spicy roasted tomato carrot cilantro sauce
  • Stuffed roasted red peppers with sunflower seed, lentil, parsley, greens
  • Collard Wraps with Sunflower Seed Pate, red cabbage, carrots, and kimchee and miso spread
  • Gluten-Free mac and cashew cheese, cashew cheese, brussel sprouts, carrots, zucchini
  • Raw Avocado cucumber mint cilantro soup
  • Kabocha Squash and coconut ginger bisque
  • Sweet potato and black eyed pea curry with collards
  • Quinoa tabouli with cucumber, cherry tomato, parsley, olive oil, garlic, lemon juice, hemp seeds

 Animal Protein Menu Ideas-

  • Romaine, Kale, red cabbage with roasted beets, goat cheese, and sweet mustard vinaigrette
  • Roasted Stuffed Portobello with feta cheese, quinoa, squash, and arugula, garlic, olive oil
  • Coconut lime Codfish Curry with carrots, broccoli, cilantro, ginger, peppers with brown rice
  • Turkey and Sweet Potato Meatballs with leeks and cherry tomato sauted broccoli rabe and garlic
  • Lentil Stew with bone broth and seasonal veggies
  • Chicken latin stew with tomato, cumin, cauliflower, carrots, spinach over brown rice
  • Polenta Pizza with marinara, feta cheese, red onions, mushrooms, olives
  • Pesto Codfish with cilantro, parsley, pumpkinseed, arugula greens, broccoli
  • Sardine croquettes (potato, onions, chickpeas) with kale caesar salad