My Health Journey and Why I Cook for You-

My Health Journey and Why I Cook for You-


I wanted my reemergence of blogging to come with a intention- a purpose for the greater good.  I want to introduce who I am and why I feel like my message is so important to my current listeners.  I will begin by sharing what I have been doing with my craft and passion for the past 10 years- cooking wholesome, organic, health-supportive food for people. It started as I took my first yoga class. I literally began to see myself differently. I was struggling in my mid 20’s with anorexia and was trying to cope with my recent move to NYC from Charleston, SC– leaving all my close friends behind and realizing the way I deal with grief is starvation.  It wasn’t the first time- as how I had dealt with trauma, and even up until this day and that my loss of connection relates to the loss of nutrients.

I found this cute yoga studio in downtown Brooklyn and frequently took class. I starting receiving acupuncture and learning about traditional chinese medicine, therapy, reiki..and started learning how to eat again- the new tools I was receiving were filling me up in new ways- as I was taking away the unhealthy patterns and adding new healthy patterns. My anorexia had been a three year thing and as I write these words I realize it sounds painful – as it was. My healing literally began when I started to look at myself differently and where I would open myself up to a regular yoga practice and accept that I was a woman. I did heal my anorexia and found myself on a path to start cooking for others the way i learned for myself. I went to The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2004 where I became a holistic health counselor which led me to where I have cooked and gave guidance to people who deal with chronic health issues.  

I originally found myself eating more veggies, ancient grains, good fats, no dairy, some seafood, beans..basically a macrobiotic diet- no red meat, no chicken.  I did this for a long time and I ate organic almost always. I found myself a vegan cook for many years- which was fine until I started dealing with bigger health issues which came with a weakened immune system due to my leaky gut and parasites.  So my path went on to open myself up to eating and working with animal protein.. It was another transitionary part of my path to heal myself of chronic gut issues- ones I was not even aware of.

As a person who works in the healing arts I teach and make food that is in alignment in what I have experienced on my own healing path.  I have become a bridge, and inspired the over meat eater to be more plant-based and the long-time vegan realizing and facing their beliefs that they are malnourished and need more than just plants.  

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Which leads me to now. The moment where I realize I have to start a blog and compile what I have learned about human health, food as medicine, natural medicine, and healing chronic disease thru diet and detox by bringing a greater awareness to the industries that environmentally poison us and create man-made illness.  Knowing the truth about what big agri-farms do to human health and how GMO pesticides are not safe or even tested for human’s to consume. And how we can empower ourselves to make conscious choices in food and medicine

Round-up is what is used on GMO crops and contains an herbicide glyphosate, which is an insidious chemical that degrades human health via our immune function and gut health.  What Dr. Zach Bush calls an antibiotic that destroys the microbiome of the soil via the microbiome of our guts. This is why it is important to consume as much organic food as possible.  Also understanding that we cannot eliminate exposure completely because it’s in our ground water and drinking water. This is not the only toxin- and in fact a very big issue is concerning the environment and how many chemicals industries dump.

Eating organic food is a direct way to slow the progression of climate change. When we preserve the natural ecology around us and in our soil we also allow our bodies internal ecology to have good balance and keep the bad bugs at bay.  This is seen in the earth’s own immune system, the soil and, how for example, Lyme disease is even spread. The deforestation of North America is what has made ticks migrate causing lyme to spread. The natural ecology is how the earth maintains her health. By realizing this we can potentially reverse human dis-ease by seeking answers from nature’s experience.  The healing, our healing is directly linked and why I say it directly affects climate change.

I cannot stress enough the importance of eating organic food. The best is home-grown. But also choosing organic food from the Union Square Farmer’s Market, Westerly’s, the Park Slope Food Coop, the Bushwick Food Coop and Whole Foods even, are better ways. Luckily in urban centers like Manhattan and Brooklyn there more options than not. Joining a local CSA is another wonderful way to source produce and offers seasonal, fresh, local – they are accessible to food deserts like in Bedsty Brooklyn.  I love what roof-top urban farms are doing like the Brooklyn Grange.

So I invite my listeners to be open to what you read here- as it is not a cure for anything.  But what I have experienced first hand with my own personal health and empowerment. What I invite you to be open to is your own innate power to heal yourself. I hope to inspire humans to take better care of ourselves and our planet- as we are really sharing it. Whatever the earth goes thru we go thru. Welcome to my journey, I’m really excited to be sharing my recipes, philosophy, and passion!

<3 Telah

Handmade Organic By Telah is a plant-based food delivery service located in Bedsty Brooklyn.  I provide balanced vegan, gluten-free, and organic animal protein options to support overall health, detox, and healthy immune system functioning. My mission is to help guide client’s towards cleaner and more sustainable eating and living.  I carefully construct weekly meal plans for each individual client and do the shopping, cooking, and delivery. Private chef services are available too. This service is recommended for at least 2 months to meet health challenges. It is most effective as a lifestyle and regular way of eating. Meal plans are free of processed ingredients, GMOs, dairy, gluten, bad oils and salt, and excessive meat. As a client you will learn  new ways to eat a plant-based diet which incorporates anti-inflammatory food and healing your microbiome.

Telah is a health-supportive chef and received her certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2004.  She is a Holistic Health Counselor and certified with The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has a CNHP certification. She also teaches Ashtanga Yoga for beginners at New Vibe Yoga in Manhattan. And received her yoga training with Richard Freeman and many long time Ashtanga Yoga teachers in NYC.  She works in the NYC area.


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