My Story

IMG_9554My passion is healthy food. I love all kinds of natural, fresh, organic, healing foods! What I mean by healing is fare that satiates my whole being- i’m not only feeding my body but my spirit too. My wildly divine spirit! We are what we eat and why not eat as harmless as possible- for me, the earth, and all it’s creatures? Why not feel good after eating a nice home-cooked meal? It is possible by feeding ourselves plant-based foods. I also know that the food I create gives lasting beauty from the inside out. As an example I’d like to share with you that my picture here is when I was 36 and I look like i’m 27! This is because I eat a balanced diet consisting of a lot of organic vegetables, whole grains, and beans and minimal amounts of animal protein. I avoid processed foods, sugar, dairy, gluten, red meat, pork, and chicken. I also sleep at least 7 hours a night, practice yoga, drink water, and keep a keen eye on my awareness. I’m surly not perfect but I know that at anytime in need or “cry for health” that I can be proactive and make better food choices for myself. I can pull out books and educate myself on what plants can help me. And isn’t it better to have a preventative measure with our food choices than in a medical system that sometimes only covers up why we were sick in the first place? I believe that we can prevent so many diseases if we just took a moment to pay attention to what we are feeding ourselves. This also goes for our thoughts and attitudes. What am I feeding myself? Ask yourself.

I fell into this healing work- not because i just woke up one day and said let me be a healthy chef. No-I fell..and fell pretty hard into it. Learning that I must heal myself first and foremost. It was the thoughts I was feeding myself that I am not thin enough. In my early 20’s I became anorexic. I spent 3 years without menstrating and trying to convince myself I was good enough. I felt like a prisoner in my own starving body. Something had to give and thats when I found yoga. Yoga helped me see a different person in myself and said it’s ok to have a womanly body- it’s ok to be a woman! And I also started to nourish my body in ways I had not totally done before- with proper food, less pushing my body to it’s max, with acupuncture, herbs, and with positive woman role models. This was life-changing and began my path as a health-supportive chef.


My understanding of natural health and wellness only expanded when I became a chef. My love of the natural world has deepened through the years and I have devoted my life to study the healing nature of plants. Whether giving simple natural health advice or planning menus for those with health conditions- my belief that plants heal and bring us closer to truth remains strong. I sincerely believe that we are what we eat and how we eat carries a certain energy along with it. And of course how we treat the animals, land, and water significantly effects our state of health and level of connectedness. I have been helping many people with dietary transition from animal-based diets to plant-based(vegan) diets with ease and satisfaction. Even though I was vegan for many years, I now have made a conscious choice to eat sustainably sourced fish and pasture-raised eggs. I still eat a plant-based diet and educate people on the importance of balance and listening to your body. It’s all body awareness. It’s about feeling whole- complete.

I received some of my nutrition training from the Institute For Integrative Nutrition in 2004 where I also was certified as a Holistic Health Counselor. A lot of my cooking training was self-taught in the kitchen. Some of my experience came from Organic Avenue in NYC- where I learned the art of raw food and juicing. I also worked at Urban Spring in Brooklyn where I gained a lot of experience in vegan baking, raw desserts, and soups. I was also certified from Richard Freeman’s Ashtanga Yoga Teacher Training in 2007. I have been serving Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island as a private chef for the past five years.