7 Powerful Ways To Clear Biofilm From Your Sinus

7 Powerful Ways To Clear Biofilm From Your Sinus

Netti Pot, traditional Ayurvedic cleansing tool

Have you had sinus issues like I have?  I really never had a lot of them but then thinking back I did have seasonal allergies as a girl.  I also have had a sensitivity to gluten and struggled for many years with stomach aches after eating.  Inflammation happens for many reasons and in this article I will explore with you some effective ways to target sinus congestion and gut issues.   

When I started detoxing I have noticed that when reversing certain infections – a herxheimer reaction can happen and mucus will try to spread itself out. This biofilm, which is a slimy clear mucus that can block proper digestion and block proper sinus congestion, can spread inflammation throughout the body- and become systemic. If you suffer with chronic sinusitis and gut issues like IBS, crohns, food intolerances and allergies, parasites, fungus and leaky gut, then doing a cleanse that supports removing mucus causing foods from your diet will be key.  Also adding self massage, far infrared sauna, enemas, yoga, lymph moving herbs, and knowing what pathogens you are potentially working with and eradicating them without too much die-off symptoms.

I have noticed the fluctuation of gut pain and sinus congestion – when I clear up one area in my gut the same biofilm/inflammation will try and make a home in the sinus. I find this interesting and key to understanding how inflammation works and is a moving and can be worked out by working on both ends of the inflammation of the gut and head.  

These natural remedies are based on my experience and not used to cure a disease.

1. Chaga- In the winter months congestion can happen with the sinus- I love chaga for this very thing.  Chaga is a medicinal tree parasite that is harvested and used in folkloric medicinal preparations.  I like making it as a tea- using quality wild ethically harvested chaga-requires a bit of research but I found loose chaga tea and Siberian powered organic extracts to be useful for quick concocting.  Chaga is a good winter tonic and strengthens overall immunity in cold winter months. I will even add the concentrate to bone broth. This will help decongestion and sipping chaga tea throughout the day. It has expectorant qualities and will allow you to spit up stubborn mucus.  

Chaga tea being brewed, Image credit: Insta, HandmadeorganicbyTelah

2. Bonebroth– Slow cooking is a traditional way of cooking animal protein.  I like to cook a whole organic chicken in the slow cooker for 4 hours on high.  I remove the meat from bones and parts and add 6 cups of filtered water to the slow cooker, bones, fat, salt and pepper,. I add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar. Slow cook broth for 6 hours.  Strain and serve as a broth. You can do several things and drink it with chaga, use it as a base with other dishes, and cook eggs in it for breakfast and gut healing properties. Collagen is an important part of healing the gut from leaky gut.  Adding this in an eating less grains is an excellent way to restore the gut. Also making a stew with chicken, broth, and veggies of choice, beans. I find that eating this hot broth decongests the nasal passages well.

Bone Broth and Egg Recipe, Image credit: Insta, HandmadeorganicbyTelah

3. Citrus Juice- I like to juice organic lemons and limes and add to 2 quarts to a gallon of good filtered or distilled water. Drinking the water throughout the day.  Hydration is essential for a well-functioning sinus and gut. So drinking a lot of water with or without the citrus is important. Also eating more low sugar fresh fruit will help lymphatic drainage and hydration.  Citrus provides vitamin c as well enhancing the immune system. Lemon water also pulls mucus out of your digestive tract from sinus to gut.

Lemon Water , Image Credit: Insta, HandmadeorganicbyTelah

3. Enzymes- Taking proteolytic enzymes are a great way to thin out mucus, reduce biofilm and are anti-inflammatory overall.  Bromelain, papin, protease, serrapeptase, and nattokinase have been very helpful. For sinus drainage in particular I like bromelain (from pineapples). I also like blends of enzymes which work systemically throughout the body when taken on an empty stomach.  Doing this along with lemon water is very useful for drainage.

4. Netti with Pink Salt- Netti is wonderful ancient cleansing practice in kriya yoga.  You can use a netti pot and use distilled or good filtered water- never use tap water. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of  pink salt or quality sea salt in one cup of water. This is a great beginners practice for getting used to water in your nose. There are other methods that work deeper and are more challenging. Instead of doing netti, you can do a bowl filled with the solution and suck up thru your nostrils with head tipped down in the bowl. An even deeper method I learned from a private parasite forum -you take the dissolved sea salt or pink salt- prepare it as above and then chill it- it do this before hand and put in a glass jar in fridge. Make sure everything is sterile. For the method- get a small bowl and pour in cold salt water. I use a baby enema or fleet enema, you can also use a syringe, or can even use dropper.  Go to your bed and hang your head back laying down. Push the cold water in each nostril and hang head back breathe thru your nose. You can do this for 1 min-5 min. If really infected then can do longer- it does burn and that means it’s working. The salt kills any parasites and helps eliminate bacterial biofilm. I do a couple short rounds of this. I use a towel and tissue for when I come up and drain my nose. You can experience a lot of slime so be prepared. You may even find strange things- know that you are cleaning out the deep sinus and if you deal with allergies or chronic infections this can help a lot. You can do this technique for 2 weeks at a time. Other great things to add to your solution: aluminum free baking soda, Lugol’s Iodine, xylitol, and herbal tinctures or pure teas that support the sinus- like for example chaga.

5. Yoga- Yoga is one of the most important ways to keep our vital life force alive. Prana, this life force, which is developed through the breath,  cuts through issues with the breathing and regulation of each nadi which resides in each nostril. Doing a heated breath like ujjayi breath from the Ashtanga practice is a superb way to regulate this. Within 10 minutes of practice I have, in addition to the other suggestions above, cleared my sinus. If it becomes a practice to clean your breath daily then positive results will come. Pranayama is also a yogic breathing technique and practice which renders excellent results in clearing out your nasal passages and reducing feeling of anxiety which can often come with chronic head pressure. Part of the physiological healing response yoga creates is lymphatic drainage. By pressing on specific points where the lymph drains in yogaasana there will be a release of pressure and can be met within 1 hour of yoga. If light headed then you can also lay on your yoga mat and use a massage ball and massage out your tender spots on your back- this will also help with lymphatic drainage- moving the tennis ball down along the spine away from heart- breaking up the stagnancy in your correlated organ points.

6. Cold and Hot Extremes- Adding a steambath for your head with eucalyptus oil or other oils like peppermint, oregano, rosemary. Placing a towel over your head and steam inhale slowly. I do this for about 5 min.  I also find that cold fresh air is needed. I sleep with windows open in winter to avoid too much dryness from steam heat. Far infrared sauna is also good to get lymphatic drainage happening and alternating with that and cold air is great for inflammation as well.

7. Coffee Enemas- Coffee enemas are anti-inflammatory on over all body. They aide the liver in creating glutathione production. Mucus can be removed by doing them. Please check out my blog on coffee enemas to learn how to do them. Whenever you start to clear out the gut you will find that your sinus will also clear out – there are more specific enemas used for this. Sea salt, celtic, or pink salt with quality filtered or distilled water. Baking soda, lemon, apple cider vinegar and coffee enemas can be rotated. Doing this at least one time a week is sufficient.  

Handmade Organic By Telah is a plant-based food delivery service located in Bedsty Brooklyn.  I provide balanced vegan, gluten-free, and organic animal protein options to support overall health, detox, and healthy immune system functioning. My mission is to help guide client’s towards cleaner and more sustainable eating and living.  I carefully construct weekly meal plans for each individual client and do the shopping, cooking, and delivery. Private chef services are available too. This service is recommended for at least 3 months to meet health challenges. It is most effective as a lifestyle and regular way of eating. Meal plans are free of processed ingredients, GMOs, dairy, gluten, bad oils and salt, and excessive meat. As a client you will learn new ways to eat a plant-based diet which incorporates anti-inflammatory food and healing your microbiome.

Telah is a health-supportive chef and received her certification from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2004.  She is a Holistic Health Counselor and certified with The American Association of Drugless Practitioners and has a CNHP certification. She also teaches Ashtanga Yoga for beginners at New Vibe Yoga in Manhattan. And received her yoga training with Richard Freeman and many long time Ashtanga Yoga teachers in NYC.  She works in the NYC area.

Telah, Pincha Mayurasana

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